History of Adelaide

Adelaide Elementary

In 1951 our community began to feel growing pains. Our biggest concern at the time was where to send our children to school. South Bountiful Elementary was new, but before it was completed the School Board knew it could not facilitate all our children. They knew another school would need to be built. They studied the situation and discovered a large vacant piece of farm land adjoining church property in the center of growing community.

The school Board contacted Wilford Wood, the owner of the property. He agreed on the amount of land needed, but the Board thought that they could not pay the asking price of $6000.00.  Mr. Wood agreed with a discounted price.

The school was to be named Adelaide in honor of Wilford Wood's mother Adelaide Ridges Wood.

Adelaide Ridges Wood was born on November 30, 1857, in Salt Lake City, to Adelaide Whitley and Joseph Harris Ridges (builder of the Tabernacle organ). Her parents had come to Utah from Australia. She was the first school teacher in the south end of Davis County, beginning in 1873 at the age of 16. She taught in a small one roomed red brick school house. Later Adelaide was married to George C. Wood, one of her students. They had eight children, six girls and two boys. She passed away on January 11, 1927 at the age of 69. Adelaide Elementary was dedicated on January 6, 1954

Adelaide Wood