Junior High

High School



Jeri Thomas

Principal:  Jeri Thomas
Phone: 801-402-1250
Email:  jhthomas@dsdmail.net

Adell Arvidson

Admin. Intern: Adell Arvidson
Phone: 801-402-1250
Email:  aarvidson@dsdmail.net


Contact Information


Main Office: 801-402-1250
Attendance: 801-402-1256
Fax:  801-402-1251

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Secretary:  Jackie Manning


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Mission Statement

Our mission at Adelaide Elementary is Learning First for All! We will provide a safe, positive, and respectful environment for life-long learning. Our students develop responsibility for their academic, social, and personal growth with support from parents, teachers, staff, and community